Corrected Grain

An elegant leather, created with modern tanning methods for a prestigious product of an even texture, look and feel. A durable product and suited for busy areas. An Easily maintainable, product and it only requires nourishment every 6 months.


Aniline Leather... Nature at its Best

A tanned leather, and traditional methods are used. This leather is free from heavy pigments, plastic fillings, surface coats and imitation grains found in other leather. Natural marks and healed scars are proudly exhibited; no attempt is made to conceal these hallmarks of nature - at its best.


Semi-Aniline Leather

Absolutely a product that harmonises tradition and technology to give you the COMFORT of natural leather while toning down the natural markings. It is clearly reflects the balance of nature and human skill, affording you the privilege of owning a sublime product with even texture.


Antique Aniline

A SUPERB Antique-effect leather that represents the perseverance which develop a combination of enhanced sheen and boldness, while maintaining natural texture and feel. This product enjoys a widespread popularity today, and back date since the Renaissance.


Imitation Leather

This product was developed in 1995 and this a on the cutting edge of synthetic leather development, this product is produced with specialised coated fabrics for everything and is ideal for beanbags, sofas etc.